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Special Event Menu

Thank you for your interest in our event space here at C.B. & Potts!

In addition to our Hall of Fame Room located adjacent to our main dining room, we also host special events outside on our lower patio and provide food and beverage for gold tournaments and driving range events.

The next several pages outline many food and beverage options for large parties and events. A limited
menu based on selections from our full menu is also available. If you have specific requests, we can also
work with you to create a custom menu.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Room Rental Fees

We require a $500 minimum spend to reserve the private room. If your total food and beverage bill does not reach $500, we will charge the difference to meet the $500 minimum. If your event does not include food or beverages or is significantly lower than the $500 minimum, we charge$100 per hour to rent the room for private events. The minimum $500 spend can include any food, beverage, in addition to retail items purchased by members of your private event.

For example:
Food & beverage total = $650, NO ROOM CHARGE APPLIED
Food & beverage total $450, open charge is $50 =$500
Food & beverage total $150, Room charge of $100/hour will be implemented in addition to $150 food & beverage total for the duration of the reserved time.
Food & beverage total $0, Room charge of $100/hour is implemented for the duration of the reserved time.

Reserving a Date & Cancellation Policy

We take private reservations typically with no less than a 7-day notice for parties exceeding 20 guests. We rent the room for typically 2–4-hour time periods, however, are flexible with time frames depending on other reservations for the day.

When reserving a date, a $100 deposit is held for the reservation. This can be paid by cash, check, or credit card over the phone or in person. In the event of a cancelation, a 7-day notice is required to receive a refund of the $100 deposit. On the day of your event, the $100 is applied back towards your bill. If we are not given the food and beverage orders prior to 7 days, we cannot guarantee food orders from the special event menu will be available.


The room comfortably seats approximately 60-70 people; however, it can hold upwards of 100 guests in a more informal setting. If your event requires additional seating we can discuss alternative options.

Food Safety

We do not allow outside food to be catered into any of our spaces per the Larimer County Health Department. This includes home-prepared desserts/food. The only exception is a dessert-type item that we do not offer. These types of items must be purchased from a commercial bakery and incur a $25 service fee.

Per food safety guidelines, the health department does not recommend food that has been sitting out for more than 4 hours to be consumed at a later time. If you or your guests would like to take leftovers from the event you are welcome to do so. We suggest bringing your own take-out containers for large quantity food orders but will also gladly supply you with take-out containers.

The information needed at least a week in advance is detailed below:

· Guest count
· Beverage preferences (alcohol & non-alcoholic)
· Food selections & quantities
· Service time for food, beverages, and dessert if applicable
· Day of contact name & phone number
· Bill payment preferences

Payment & Gratuity

We request that bills be paid in full at the end of your function. The entire bill is subject to local state & city sales tax. Gratuity is not automatically added to your bill. A minimum 18% gratuity is suggested when closing out your bill. Any additional gratuity is greatly appreciated by the staff working your event.

Alcohol Service Termination

C.B. & Potts reserves the right to terminate liquor service at your event for any reason and will do so if any suspicion of any illegal activity regarding the service of liquor. Illegal activity would include alcoholic beverages to minors, consuming your own alcoholic beverage, and overconsumption.

Live Music/Entertainment

All outside entertainment must be communicated with C.B. & Potts & the event coordinator in advance. All entertainment must be family-friendly.

For any other information regarding our special event spaces please contact our event coordinator.
Thank you for thinking of us for your event! We look forward to seeing you soon!