Highlands Ranch C.B. & Potts - Address, Hours, Order Online
C.B. & Potts Highlands Ranch

43 West Centennial Blvd

Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Phone: (720) 344 - 1200

Open Sun - Thu from 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat from 11am - Midnight

What's On Tap in Highlands Ranch?


A smooth & malty, copper-hued German-style lager with a crisp hop finish.

Das Brut!

This beer is brewed to finish very dry and effervescent similar in manner to a Brut wine. Late addition hops provide bitterness and flavor to this beer with notes of lemon zest and tropical fruit with a certain softness in the body attributed to skillful use of grain. 6.35% ABV 10 IBU's

German-Style Pilsner

This medium-light bodied golden lager finishes clean and refreshingly crisp. Hop aromas and flavors are noticeable without being overly bitter. 5.5% ABV

Batch 500! Highwater Altbier

7 years after becoming head brewer, I offer my 500th batch. This German-Styled Brown Ale is deep copper in appearance & medium bodied with a malty richness balanced with a pleasant hop finish. This beer is malty but not sweet and hoppy but not bitter. 5.75% ABV

Udder Chaos

A stellar collision of dark chocolate, cocoa nibs and fresh roasted coffee deep within the Milky Way created this decadent dark matter. Rich with heavy medals from the GABF!