Rabbit Punch Irish Red on Tap Now!

Come hoist a pint of C.B. & Potts’ newest seasonal release, Rabbit Punch Proper Ale available now and for a limited time at at any Potts location. Served in a 18oz frosted glass, our hopped up Irish Red combines a pale malt, kiln amber and a touch of roast barley to create a toasty malt profile with a vibrant amber hue.
Director of Brewery Operations, Dave Leonard says, “Rabbit Punch Irish Red is hopped exclusively with Citra hops, added at First Wort (pre-boil) and Whirlpool (post-boil), for a punch of hop flavor and aroma while imparting much less bitterness. I love the combination of flavors in our Rabbit Punch; smooth & malty with a citrusy hop character… and it’s perilously easy to drink!”
Fresh and local Rabbit Punch Irish Red is perfect for toasting during your St. Pats celebration and a great compliment to any Potts meal!

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