GABF Medal Winners
Winners Medal Style
2017 Udder Chaos (Seattle RAM) Silver Coffee Stout or Porter
2017 Big Horn Hefeweizen (Lakewood RAM) Silver South German-Style Hefeweizen
2016 Hometown Blonde (Lakewood RAM) Gold English-Style Summer Ale
2016 Chaos (Wheeling RAM) Gold Chocolate Beer
2014 The Weasel (Highlands Ranch C.B. & Potts) Gold Dortmunder or German-Style Oktoberfest
2014 The Weasel Gold German Style Fest Bier/Dortmunder
2013 Hefeweizen Gold South German-Style Hefeweizen
2013 Anaheim IPA Silver Field Beer or Pumpkin Beer
2013 Barrel-Aged Frostbite Lager Silver Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer
2012 Pointon’s Proper English Dark Mild Silver Pro-Am
2012 6X Helles Gold Munchner Helle
2012 Anaheim IPA Silver Pepper Infused American IPA
2011 Pavlov’s Pilsner Gold German Style Pilsner
2011 Big Horn Blonde Gold Golden or Blonde Ale
2011 Before Capone Gold GABF Festival Pro-Am Competition
2010 Total Disorder Porter Gold Brown Porter
2010 Darkside Lager Bronze European-Style Dunkel
2010 Maibock Bronze Bock
2009 Clearwater Kolsch Silver German Style Kolsch
2008 Java The Hut Gold Coffee Flavored Beers
2008 Old Jack’s Stout Gold Wood & Barrel Aged Beer
2008 Westminster Export Silver Dortmunder Style Export
2008 Colt’s Buffalo Bock Silver Wood & Barrel Aged Beer
2008 Golden Armor Bronze Belgium Style Strong Specialty Ale
2007 Dunkelstisken Gold European-style Dark Muchner Dunkel
2007 Buffalo Bock Bronze Wood and Barrel Aged beer
2006 Belgian Strong Gold Specialty Ale
2006 6X Muenster Silver Style Helles
2006 Slap Shot Silver Irish Stout
2006 Clearwater Kolsch Silver Kolsch
2006 Rambeaux Bronze Strong Scotch Ale
2006 Tail Dragger Bronze IPA
2005 Alice B. Brownie Silver English Style Brown Ale
2005 Detonator Dopple Bock Bronze Strong Bock
2004 Bearcat Brown Ale Silver American Style Brown Ale
2004 Big Horn Blonde Bronze Golden / Blonde Ale
2004 Palm Island porter Bronze Experimental Beer
2004 Uber Brau Bronze American Style Amber Lager
2004 Freeride Bronze Old Ale / Strong Ale
2003 Czech it Out Silver Bohemian style Pils
2003 Freidabrau Gold American Style Dark Lager
2003 Lion Slayer Silver Strong Scotch Ale
2002 Uberbrau Gold American Style Amber Lager
2001 Big Bad Bourbon Brown Gold Specialty Beer
2001 Okt-Uber-Fest Silver American Style Amber Lager
2001 Freidabrau Oktoberfest Silver American Style Dark Lager
2001 Hell’s Bock Silver Bock
2001 Wee Huey’s Heavy Bronze Old / Strong Ale
2000 St.Mick’s Irish Stout Gold Dry Irish Stout
1998 Addison Pale Ale Pale Sliver American Pale Ale
1996 Total Disorder Porter Silver Brown Porter
NABA Medal Winners
Winners Medal Style
2014 Total Disorder Porter Bronze Brown Porter
2014 Brown Dwarf Gold American Brown Ale
2014 RAM Oktoberfest Silver Marzen-Oktoberfest Lager
2014 Lost Reindeer Bronze Strong Ale
2014 Failure to Communicate Gold BBL Aged Beer
2013 RAM Oktoberfest Gold Marzen-Oktoberfest Lager
2013 Big Red Bravo Gold American-Style Strong Pale Ale
2013 Boise Brown Gold English-Style Brown Ale
2013 sWEEp Heavy Gold Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy)
2013 Mellow Out Stout Silver American-Style Stout
2013 El Gordo Imperial IPA Bronze Double/Imperial India Pale Ale
2012 Hammerschlagen Silver Helles Bock/Maibock
2012 Marion Bock Bronze Helles Bock/Maibock
2012 Big Dread Silver American-Style Indian Pale Ale
2012 El Gordo Gold Double/Imperial Pale Ale
2012 Ol’ Mallwalker Bronze American Strong Ale
2012 B.S.B. Gold Weizenbock
2012 Jump Start Bronze Coffee Beer
2011 Highwater Alt Bronze Alt
2011 Hell’s Bock Bronze Helles/Maibock
2011 Big Red IPA Bronze American Strong IPA
2011 5th Dimension Bronze Tripel
2011 Taildragger IPA Bronze American Style IPA
2011 Citizen Steam Silver California Common
2010 Big Horn Blonde Gold Blonde or Golden Ale
2010 Ski Lifter Bronze Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2010 Salem Spring Bock Bronze Helles Bock / Maibock
2010 Auntie Esthers Best Bitter Gold (Special) Best Bitter
2010 West Village Red Bronze American Amber Ale
2010 Sawtooth Stout Bronze American Stout
2010 Bottle Rocket Lager Bronze Munich Helles
2010 The Owyhees Oktoberfest Silver Marzen – Oktoberfest
2010 Taildragger IPA Gold American-Style India Plae Ale
2010 Highwater Ale Gold Alt
2010 Pilsner Noelle Gold Bohemian Pilsner
2009 Bottlerocket Lager Gold Munich Helles
2009 Slam Dunkel Bock Gold Traditional Bock
2009 Hell’s Bock Gold Helles Bock / Maibock
2009 Big Horn Blonde Silver Blonde or Golden Ale
2009 Big Horn Hefeweizen Silver Bavarian Style Hefeweizen/Kristall Weizen/Berliner Weisse
2009 Bus Stop Brown Silver American Brown Ale
2009 Dubbel Barrel Belgian Ale Bronze Dubbel
2009 Uber Dunkel 2009 Bronze Dunkel Weizen / Weizen Bock
2009 Azreals Castle Bronze Belgian Strong Pale Ale / Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2008 Clearwater Kolsch Gold Kölsch
2008 Dubbel Barrel Belgian Ale Gold Dubbel
2008 Big Horn Hefeweizen Silver Bavarian Style Hefeweizen
2008 Bottle Rocket Lager Silver Munich Helles
2008 O>D>L Biere de Garde Silver Biére de Garde
2008 71 Pale Bronze American Style Pale Ale
2008 Belgian White Bronze Belgian Wit (White)
2008 Keg Monkey’s Irish Red Bronze Irish Red Ale
2008 Ram Mai Bock Bronze Helles Bock / Maibock
2007 Big Red IPA Gold English-Style India Pale Ale
2007 Big Horn Blonde Gold Golden Ale
2007 Face Down Brown Gold Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2007 Belgian White Gold Belgian Wit (White)
2007 Slam Dunkel Bock Gold Traditional Bock
2007 Bannock St. Bock Silver Helles Bock/Maibock
2007 South Hill Steam Silver California Common
2007 Snake Thumper Ale Bronze Irish Red Ale
2006 Maibock Gold Bock beers- Helles Bock
2006 Hot Blonde Gold Flavored beers-Chili Beers
2006 Clearwater Kolsch Gold Hybrid Beer-German Style Kolsch
2006 Big Horn Light Bronze North American Lagers-Light
2006 Freeride Bronze Strong Ales- English Old Ale
2004 Buttface Amber Ale Gold American Brown Ale
2001 Ole St. Micks Stout Silver Dry Stout
World Beer Cup
Winners Medal Style
2008 Lochsa Lager Bronze Vienna Style Lager
2008 Java The Hut Gold Coffee Flavored Beer
2006 Total Disorder Porter Bronze Brown Porter
2006 Alice B. Brownie Silver English Style Brown Ale
2002 Baby Fitz ESB Gold English Style Brown
2002 Hell’s Bock Silver Bock
2000 Cheytown Sweet Stout Gold Sweet Stout
1998 Cheytown Sweet Stout Bronze Sweet Stout
1998 Penalty Bock Bronze Traditional Bock
Colorado State Fair
Winners Medal Style
2016 Hefeweizen Silver
2014 Blonde Silver
2007 Azreal’s Castle Gold Belgian Strong Dark Ale
2007 Eyesbock Gold German-style Eisbock
2007 Braggarts Braggot Gold American-style Honey Wheat Beer
2006 State Fair Dunkelstilsken Gold European Dark Lager
2006 Cherry Apple Cider Gold Cider
2005 Pilsner Noelle Gold Pilsner
2005 State Fair Rhine RiverPils Silver Pilsner
2004 State Fair Maibock Gold Bock
2004 Big Red Bronze Pale Ale
Summer Fling Gold Light Ale
Indiana State Fair
Winners Medal Style
2012 71 Pale Ale Gold Category 6 Light Hybrid
2012 Java Disorder Porter Gold Category 21 Spice, Herb, Vegetable
2012 Apocalypto Barleywine Gold Category 19 Strong Ale
2012 Anaheim I.P.A. Silver Category 21 Spice, Herb, Vegetable
2011 Big Horn Hefeweizen Gold German Wheat & Rye Beer
2011 Java Disorder Silver Spice, Herb & Vegetable Category
2011 Bill’s Bettor Bronze English Pale Ale
2010 Big Horn Hefeweizen Gold German Wheat & Rye Beer
2008 Wisecracker Wheat Gold Specialty Beer
2008 Bourbon Barrel Stout Silver Wood-Aged Beer
2008 Rye Pils Silver Bohemiam Pilsner
2008 Indy Blonde Ale Silver Blonde Ale
2008 Colt’s Kolsch Bronze Koelsch
2008 Total Disorder Porter Bronze Brown Porter
2007 Brute IPA Gold American Brown
2007 Old Jacks Blizzard Ale Gold American Amber
2007 RAM’s 90 Schilling Silver Scottish 80/-
2007 Total Disorder Porter Silver Brown Porter
2007 Busted Nut ESB Silver Special/Best/Premium Bitter
2007 Maibock Silver Bock
2007 Big Horn Light Bohemian Pilsner Bronze Pilsner
2007 American Pale Ale Bronze Pale Ale
2007 Indiana Microbrewery Of The Year
2007 71 Pale Ale Bronze American Pale
Craft Lager Festival
Winners Medal Style
2006 Dunkelstilsken Gold Other Lagers


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