Irrascible Zipper 2016 Barleywine Release

FORT COLLINS, Colo.- C.B. & Potts will be releasing their award-winning Irrascible Zipper 2016 Barleywine just in time for the cold weather and holiday season.

This big, bold, adventurous beer in a 22-ounce bottle has an alcohol content of more than 10 percent and is described as having bold hops, and tastes of prunes, dried fruit, and caramel.

The Irrascible Zipper won a silver medal at the North American Beer Awards and will make its public debut at the C.B. & Potts taphouse as well as the C.B. & Potts Foothills location on Nov. 21.

Beer connoisseurs can purchase to-go bottles of the Irrascible Zipper for $10 at the C.B. & Potts taphouse, located at 1427 W Elizabeth St. The to-go bottles are this year’s novelty gifts, as well as this year’s holiday party go to drink.

American style barleywines are aggressive, drier, and showcase a bold hop presence compared to other beers. And that is exactly what consumers can expect when tasting C.B. & Potts’ Irrascible Zipper 2016 Barleywine.

The award-winning beer can also be enjoyed over a meal with $12 bottle service at the C.B. & Potts Foothills location at 195 E. Foothills Parkway. For the in-house consumption, customers can share the larger bottle that will be poured into a tulip glass to enhance the bold taste.

“We actually brewed this 2016 batch in November of 2015. It has been aging in the barrels for a little over a year now, so we are anxious to reveal to the public for a limited time,” Joe Bowden, head brewer said.

Last year was the first time the brewery had crafted and aged a beer like this. After releasing the 2015 batch, they held some back and continued to let it age for another year.

This will be the first year that beer lovers can experience both the 2015 batch and the 2016 batch side-by-side. Whether that is in the dining room at the Foothills location, in the comfort of their own homes, or at holiday parties.

“The change in year makes a huge taste in the beer. It makes the beer more deep, complex, and interesting over all. Barleywines tend to be sharp and aggressive when they’re young, that’s why we sit on it for a year, to get through some of that sharpness,” Bowden said. “But after the second year of aging [the beer] is even more complex.”

Although the beer uses the same recipe each year, each batch tastes slightly different because of the extra year of aging.

“Ideally what we want to have is a three-year set of inventory, so next year we will have the remains of the 2015 and 2016 batch, and will be releasing the 2017 batch,” Bowden said.

With all three batches available next fall, consumers will have the opportunity to taste the difference in the three years of aging and have to chance to experience this vintage beer.

Although the Campus West location closed earlier this year, the taphouse is still open and brewing all of the C.B. & Potts beers for Northern Colorado, including the Irrascible Zipper.

Aside from brewing the beers for the Foothills and Collindale locations, the taphouse also has a sitting area, a menu of its own, and of course C.B. & Potts beer on tap and available to-go.

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